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A Sampler

Sharon's latest CD.

"Stand By Your Man," "Miss Celie's Blues," "Calling You," The Man I Love," "Wind Beneath My Wings," "The Impossible Dream"

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of this CD will benefit the AIDS Emergency Fund of San Francisco.

Offensive, Too  

"Lets Talk Dirty to the Animals," "Menopause Rag," "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park," Republicans," "Please Treat me Rotten," "The I-95 Asshole Song," "Bisexual Tangos," "Love and Take Out," "The Well Spoken Man," "Everybody's Girl," "Dog in Taiwan," "Merry Christmas from the Family," "Blow Me," "Strange Fruit"

Songs To Offend Most Everyone



"The Dumber They Come, The Better I Like 'Em," "Old Dope Peddler & When You Are Old And Grey," "Why Me, God?" "Jesus Wear A Rolex," "Revenge Song," "Mrs. Worthington," "Wind Beneath My Wings," "God's Song," "Political  Science," "Merrilou," "I Never Do Anything Twice," "Masochism Tango," "Goodbye, Good Luck, Good Riddance"


Now and Then


NOW and... 

"Cowboy's Sweetheart," " Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground," "I Don't Know Why I Just Do," "Hold Me," "Smoke, Smoke, Smoke," "Desperado," "Hank Williams Medley," "Crying," "Just Because"


"Stand By Your Man," "You Belong To Me," "Somebody Must Have Loved You Right Last Night," "Don't the Girls All Get Prettier At Closing Time," "Put a Nickel In the Jukebox and Bring Back Patti Page," "Tapedeck In His Tractor," "Another Suitcase, Another Hall," "Don't Forget Me," "Sweet and Shiny Eyes"


Sophie Tucker Songbook


Music from her one-woman show based on the life of Sophie Tucker. Includes: "Last Of The Red Hot Mamas," "You've Gotta See Your Mama," "Darktown Strutters Ball," "He's A Good Man To Have Around," "Hula Lou," "Moanin' Low," "What'll You Do," "There'll Be Some Changes Made," "I Don't Want To Get Thin" "It All Depends On You," "Most Gentlemen Don't Like Love," "(My) Yiddishe Momme (Mama)," "(I'm Living Along (And I Like It)," After You've Gone," "Myron," "The Man I Love," "Some Of These Days."

 In The Meantime

Includes: "In The Meantime," "The Best Things In Live Are Free," "Picture In The Hall," "One Last Prince," "Say It Isn't So," "I Know Him So Well," "Miss Celie's Blues (Sister)," "City Of New Orleans," "Blues Rhapsody," The Man I Love," "Guilty," "I've Loved These Days," and "Hard To Be Diva".

 The B&B years


Temporarily Out of Print

Sharon's first and second albums available on one cassette or CD. Includes "San Francisco Bye-Bye," "Put A Nickel In The Jukebox And Bring Back Patti Page," "I've Loved These Days," "Masochism Tango," "I Want To Be Evil," "Me And Bobby McGee," "Teddy Bears Picnic," and other favorites.

Album Title Compact Disk Price Cassette Price
A Sampler $10 (Not available)
Offensive, Too $18 (Not available)
Song To Offend Most Everyone $18 (Not available)
Now and Then $17 (Not available)
Sophie Tucker Songbook $16 (Not available)
In The Meantime $15 $5
The B&B Years $15 $5

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