Sound clips from Sharon's Recordings: 

Offensive Too

Let's Talk Dirty to the Animals

Merry Christmas from the Family

The I-95 Asshole Song

Blow Me

Dog in Taiwan

Songs to Offend Almost Everyone
"The Dumber They Come, The Better I Like 'Em"

"Jesus Wear A Rolex"

"Political  Science"

"I Never Do Anything Twice"

Now and Then

NOW and... 

"Cowboy's Sweetheart" 

"Hold Me" 

"Smoke, Smoke, Smoke" 


"Stand By Your Man"  

"Don't Forget Me" 

"Sweet and Shiny Eyes"


Sophie Tucker Songbook


"Last Of The Red Hot Mamas" 

"(My) Yiddishe Momme (Mama)" 

"Some Of These Days"

 In The Meantime

"In The Meantime" 

"City Of New Orleans" 


 The B&B years

"San Francisco Bye-Bye" 


"Put A Nickel In The Jukebox And Bring Back Patti Page" 

"I've Loved These Days" 

"Masochism Tango" 

"I Want To Be Evil" 

"Teddy Bears Picnic"

"Sometimes when we touch"